Rosetta Stone after a week of use

Rosetta Stone is one of the most hated companies by the language learners community. And it is because of the many articles and posts on reddit and quora saying how disastrous Rosetta Stone is that made me never want to use this resource. I still find it very expensive for what it is offering. But I can say that Rosetta Stone surprised me (a little).

I found their special offer for Students during COVID-19, which offers a 3-month package for any foreign language, for free. And, because I like everything that’s free, of course I made an account, although considering that they asked me for an email from a parent or guardian, I don’t think I’m in the age group to which this offer is addressed. That being said, you need to add the name and email of a parent or guardian (?) as well as the name of the school you are attending. Then enter the main page, which looks like this:

(screenshot taken a few days ago, I have taken several more lessons since taking this screenshot)

It took me about 4 days to realize that Rosetta Stone offers 10 units, not just the first one. Although this main page is quite intuitive, you can hardly figure out how to see other units. Apparently, if you press to the left of the yellow border, on the button that looks like a stack of bricks, you can access all the units.

After a week of using Rosetta Stone quite intensely, I can say the following: I was pleasantly surprised. Although the structure may seem a little confusing at first, it seems to be a fairly effective learning method. Rosetta Stone does not use English (or another known language, such as Spanish) as a supporting language, but uses pictures (sometimes poorly chosen) to translate the word. The words, however, are not necessarily taught, but rather sentences very close in meaning to each other.
For example:

The first slide: The boy is reading. The woman is reading.
The second slide: The man is reading. The girl is reading. The group (of women) reads.
The third slide: The group (of men) reads. The group (of boys) reads.

And so on.

The structure of Rosetta Stone is similar to that of Mango Languages, focused on slides that remind you of Powerpoint. I will probably come back with a more consistent review. But I was pleasantly surprised. Would I’ve paid 12$ a month if it weren’t for this discount? Probably yes.

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