After 3 months of Hebrew

After 3 months of Hebrew

September 14, 2020 Ian 0

I started learning Hebrew with a plan that was as seemingly simple as it was naive. It turned out that learning a language with a different alphabet is much harder […]

How I passed the Goethe B2

How I passed the Goethe B2

July 29, 2020 Ian 0

…with a mediocre score, though. I will tell you from the beginning what scores I got in all 4 sections. At Hören I got 80 points, at Lesen 87, at […]

Learn German with Nico and DW

July 23, 2020 Ian 0

Deutsche Welle is a state-published media concern whose purpose is to share the “German wave”, as its name suggests. It has shows in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. Kind of […]

Onleihe, the best German resource

July 18, 2020 Ian 0

I really like the idea behind the Pod101 suite. It is a very extensive resource, with well-produced and well-documented videos. Although the price is quite high (8$ per month for […]

Languages and politics

June 23, 2020 Ian 0

This post will be very harsh and will present real information, although told through the prism of a person with a certain political affinity. Theoretically, a country hosts a nation, […]

How to prepare for CAE

June 21, 2020 Ian 0

Nowadays, everyone speaks English. English is no longer an asset in the CV, but a must-have. This is one of the benefits (from my point of view) of globalization, the […]

Can you learn while sleeping?

May 31, 2020 Ian 0

Researchers from two universities in Switzerland gathered two groups of participants (Germans), and gave them to learn at 10 pm a Dutch-German word series. Some of them were told to […]