Can you learn while sleeping?

May 31, 2020 Ian 0

Researchers from two universities in Switzerland gathered two groups of participants (Germans), and gave them to learn at 10 pm a Dutch-German word series. Some of them were told to […]

How to learn with Google Podcasts

May 15, 2020 Ian 0

A few days ago I found a very interesting and useful tool for learning. It’s called Google Podcasts. Until recently, I thought that the only site through which you can […]

The best 8 audio language courses

May 8, 2020 Ian 0

For many people, audio courses are very important in the learning process. I believe that the learning process has two parts: the first, in which you learn to listen and […]

Why is Basque so different?

May 7, 2020 Ian 0

“You’re in the Basque Country, not in Spain” – an example of Basque nationalism in a Bilbao lamp post (from Wikipedia). Similar posters can be found on the streets of Bilbao, […]

About the Romansh language

About the Romansh language

May 5, 2020 Ian 0

Switzerland is and will always be an amalgam of cultures. And, although many of us believe that Switzerland is just about mountains and cheese (and expensive things!), if you look […]

How to maintain your proficiency

How to maintain your proficiency

April 27, 2020 Ian 0

Initially, the title of this article was “How to maintain your proficiency in German” but I decided to change it because I think the principles work regardless of the foreign […]

Rosetta Stone after a week of use

April 24, 2020 Ian 1

Rosetta Stone is one of the most hated companies by the language learners community. And it is because of the many articles and posts on reddit and quora saying how […]