How I passed the Goethe B2

How I passed the Goethe B2

July 29, 2020 Ian 0

…with a mediocre score, though. I will tell you from the beginning what scores I got in all 4 sections. At Hören I got 80 points, at Lesen 87, at […]

Onleihe, the best German resource

July 18, 2020 Ian 0

I really like the idea behind the Pod101 suite. It is a very extensive resource, with well-produced and well-documented videos. Although the price is quite high (8$ per month for […]

How to maintain your proficiency

How to maintain your proficiency

April 27, 2020 Ian 0

Initially, the title of this article was “How to maintain your proficiency in German” but I decided to change it because I think the principles work regardless of the foreign […]

How I got from B1 to B2+ in German

April 14, 2020 Ian 4

I have been speaking German since I was four, largely because my parents put a great emphasis on learning this foreign language. But due to the incompetence of the school […]